Sensory Help Now is a free service for parents and carers of children with sensory processing and sensory integration issues. We provide access to therapists trained in sensory integration via the Sensory Help Now Forum, and instant-access short courses. Find out how the service works here.

All our therapists are experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or Speech and Language Therapists who have completed postgraduate training in sensory integration therapy. Meet our Therapist Team here.

Sensory Help Now is hosted by the not-for-profit organisation Sensory Integration Education. Sensory Integration Education, established in 1994, has a long history of training therapists in sensory integration; supporting research into sensory integration and sensory processing topics; and helping to raise awareness of sensory challenges. 

We understand the frustration of parents and carers facing long waiting lists and long travel times to access therapists qualified to help with their child's sensory issues. Sensory Help Now offers parents a way to get their questions answered by a qualified professional whilst they seek more tailored, in-person support. 

Sensory Help Now cannot replace the role of a therapist, but we are here to support you as you search for one.

Sensory Help Now and Sensory Integration Education are trading names of Sensory Integration Network (UK and Ireland) Limited, incorporated in England and Wales, Company registration number 05068304.