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Help Yourself to These Free Sensory Resources

Here you'll find case studies illustrating what it's like to have sensory processing differences, podcasts and newsletters produced for parents and carers, links to a directory of sensory toys, equipment and services, a directory of therapists, free downloads... and together with our parent organisation, Sensory Integration Education, we'll keep adding more. 

Free Guide to Accessing Sensory Integration Therapy

All You Need to Know About Accessing SI Therapy in the UK

Find a Local Therapist

Search for therapists qualified in sensory integration in your area.

Sensory Chat Podcast

The Sensory Chat Podcast is a series of informal and friendly chats between Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech & Language Therapists aimed at helping parents and carers of children with sensory processing differences. Sensory Chat is hosted by our parent organisation Sensory Integration Education and is also available on Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Everything Sensory Directory

Find sensory products, services and professionals on the Everything Sensory Directory.
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Sensory Case Studies

What does it feel like to have sensory processing challenges? How does it affect your child's day? Check out these case studies following 10-year-old Ben and 16-year-old Rose, discovering how their sensory processing differences impact their daily life.

screen shots of two sensory case studies. The screenshots show a cartoon graphic of a young boy and a teenage girl with colourful icons and blocks of text that isn't readable.

Sensory Integration Practitioners' Register

Looking for therapists who hold postgraduate qualifications in sensory integration? This searchable register lists therapists who have gained qualifications on Sensory Integration Education's UK-university-accredited MSc pathway.

Our Sensory Family

Free Monthly Newsletter

For individuals and families with sensory differences, this monthly newsletter shares resources, updates, tips, books and products.
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Amazon Books and Products Lists

Amazon Shopping Lists to Save You Time

Looking for books for yourself or your children on sensory topics? We've collated these Amazon shopping lists to save you time searching. We've also popped in some links for popular sensory products too. 

Sensory Books for Parents

Sensory Books for Children

Sensory Products

Amazon Affiliate links: Sensory Integration Education may earn a commission (at zero cost to you) when you purchase by clicking on an affiliate link. SIE is a not-for-profit organisation providing sensory integration training, supporting research and working to raise awareness of sensory processing and integration challenges.

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Find out what all those sensory integration terms mean

Free Flyer

About Sensory Help Now to pass on to your friends and family

Do You Work in a School?

Did you know that 1 in 6 Students Have Sensory Processing Differences That Impact Their Learning and Enjoyment of School?

Making small changes within your school can lead to a huge impact on these students, improving educational outcomes and the overall well-being of students.

Sensory Inclusive Schools will support your school to 

  • Recognise when behaviour stems from sensory processing differences
  • Have the confidence to make the right adjustments to the school day and classroom to include students with sensory processing differences (many of whom may also have autism or ADHD diagnoses)
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